Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Kindergarten Thanksgiving Program

Hi, everybody--

Guess what! All of the kindergarten classes at my school put on a BIG Thanksgiving show for our families the week before Thanksgiving! Each of us got to dress up like something related to Thanksgiving. Some of us were pilgrims, some of us were turkeys, some of us were Native Americans...I was dressed like POPCORN! Here I am in my costume (above and below):

Although this picture is blurry, you can see me in action during the performance. I did a great job and I was the ONLY kindergartener to give very BIG bows during the applause after every number! (although I am not sure if I was supposed to do this or not....)

One thing we did for Thanksgiving is we had to disguise a picture of a turkey so he wouldn't be caught for Thanksgiving dinner. I dressed mine up as a sheep (on the far right). Some of my classmates dressed up their turkeys as Santa, a peacock, or a butterfly.

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